Main Blog Post – Celebrity vs Star

Burgess and Green argue that: ordinary people who become celebrities through their own creative efforts “remain within the system of celebrity native to, and controlled by, the mass media” (Reader, page 269).

In answering this question, I have chosen the option of video blogging so please take some time to take a look at it.

The video is slightly longer than the stipulated 5 minutes because I have embedded YouTube videos for discussion. Enjoy!


Burgess J, Green J 2009, ‘YouTube and The Mainstream Media’, in YouTube: Online and Participatory Culture, Polity Press, Cambridge, pp. 15-37


One Comment on “Main Blog Post – Celebrity vs Star”

  1. aliciachanhuixin says:

    I like your argument. Making this video, no offence, might not necessarily make you a YouTube celebrity, unless your video is extremely interesting and top the rest of the YouTube videos.

    Good effort Clarence! I never knew about the Venetian Princess till I saw your video. Thanks for sharing!

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