‘Do Not Track’ Bill – a step forward?

Do-Not-Track Online Act 2011 allow Internet users in the United States to block companies from gathering information about online activities.

Photo by gigaom.com

Digital Trends reported that the act will also be made simple for consumers to opt out from being tracked.

Is this act a step forward to online privacy? I would argue that it certainly is.

Under this act, companies are legally obliged to adhere to consumer’s choice of privacy. This means we can finally surf in peace without being on surveillance 24/7.

But where should the line be drawn? Is this act enough to protect consumer’s online privacy?

This act is definitely not enough to protect consumer’s online privacy but it is a good initiative. I would also hope that this act will be passed in other countries outside USA.

To conclude, there should be stiff penalties against companies who flout the rules. As an online user, I like the notion of freedom while surfing the web.